Types of Lists (Other Than Do-To Lists) That Will Benefit Your Mental Health

goals organization self care Nov 08, 2023

Hey Friends, 

I've seen many people (myself included) become obsessed with to-do lists 📝. But what if I told you there's more to life than just ticking off tasks? Believe it or not, there are more creative ways to make lists that can help declutter your mind and provide clarity .

Now, I must admit that I’m still a fan of to-do lists, but over time, I discovered the joy of alternative lists that turned my world upside down (in a good way, of course) 🙃.

Let me share with you some of these life-altering lists:

1. Brain Dump 🧠💭: This is the "EVERYTHING you have on your mind" list, and it helps you reduce your mental load. It's like opening the floodgates and letting your thoughts flow out onto paper. You can later sort it into an "ignore" or "to-do" list or even create a "maybe someday" list.

2. Gratitude List 🙏: This list is all about noticing and appreciating the good things - even really simple ones like the warmth of the sun, that long-lost sock under your bed or that weird static electricity you sometimes get that makes you feel like Thor for a second. Start with writing 3 things you are thankful for each day (I do this every morning when I wake up btw!). 

3. What You Feel Good Doing & What Helps Your Mental Health 😊: This is your personal cheat sheet for staying positive and healthy. It's like your mind's secret recipe for happiness, tailored just for you. P.S. Sometimes, the things you like doing may not benefit your mental health for the long term - that’s okay. The key is to write them down anyway so you’ll be more aware of all the things that make you tick. You can analyze them later!

4. What's Definitely Not Working 🚫: Sometimes, it's essential to take a step back and evaluate what's not going well. This list is like a self-audit, helping you identify areas for improvement or things to let go of. Always end this on a positive note, some sort of affirmation "I am resilient" or a concrete solution for achieve "I will tackle one task at a time and accomplish my daily goals."

5. Things I Want to Learn List 📚: This list keeps your curiosity alive and your personal growth on track. It's a gentle reminder that there's always more to explore and discover. Reflect on this list often! Think about the little version of you and all their hopes and dreams or hobbies and interests and figure out a meaningful way of how to channel that energy! 

Which list do you think would help you the most?

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