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Welcome to Wellness! I'm Nancy Robinson.

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist with a Substance Use Specialty licensed in Georgia, Wisconsin, Florida, and Washington State, and Relationship Coach, serving all states, with over 15 years of experience in the Mental Health Field.

I am a trained Systemic Therapist, which means I have the ability to look at an individual or couple and take into consideration each distinct part of their being and how it impacts who they are in the present day and who they want to be in the future.

I provide easily accessible and high-quality Online Therapy and Coaching Services (video chat using HIPAA compliant software) to individuals, couples, and clinicians and I want you to be WELL.

Learn why I became a therapist

I feel cheesy saying it, but it's truethis profession chose me.


My goal is to help you define and then find wellness for your life.


I truly believe that wellness won’t happen by accident. Wellness is a state of being healthy in your mind, body, and spirit and is a result of deliberate effort. Keyword here being deliberate. Just like the succulents at the top of this page you just need the right environment and from there a little effort will go a long way! 

Let's create that environment together and start your healing. You are here for a reason, taking such a courageous first step, and I am excited for your journey.

I am in the business of providing a safe space for true healing to happen, helping clients work through anxieties, parenting struggles, past traumas, career changes or challenges, exploring self-love and how we can be kind to our bodies, relationship issues and providing mental health boosters + whatever else you define based on the wellness you seek. I am a very direct, goal-oriented and active therapist and coach.


I will walk this therapeutic path side by side with you, not behind, not ahead.

We are in this together.

Let me help you find long-lasting wellness for your life.

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When I don’t have my therapist hat on...

I love to travel domestically and internationally, relax by the water, binge watch TV shows, reply to my friends and loved ones with GIFs, take dance lessons, try new recipes and learn new skills to help better serve my clients.

Wisconsin Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #1239-124
Georgia Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #MFT001697
Washington State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #LF61160324 
Florida Out-Of-State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #TPMF44
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