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It Is Well Relationship Coaching, LLC offers a wide variety of online life coaching and relationship coaching services to anyone located in the USA. Relationship coaching here can be defined as you relating to people, places, and things in your life. This could be a struggle in a platonic or romantic partnership, figuring out how to increase work-life balance or even relating to the world we are currently living in on a micro and macro level.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we are just in a funk and need a tune up. Whether we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and forget about our self-care, you don’t need therapy but want an expert to process you present struggles and future goals with, your relationships both romantic and platonic are stagnant, or you are truly seeking to improve your current mental health status in a guided and fun way, this program and coaching is for you!

What seeds are you planting in your life?
What plants are you watering?
What fruits are you harvesting?

Coaching Course


I offer a 10 session Mental Health Booster Coaching Course that I created that is a transformative journey of self-exploration and education around 9 core principles: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control, to explain the questions above and answer them. We have the power to manifest wellness in our lives but it must be a deliberate effort. So let’s start today!

As you read those they may or may not sound familiar. This comes from a scripture in the bible, Galatians 5:22-23, that talks about the “fruits of the spirit.” Even though that is the case, rest assure this program is not religious in its intention unless that is what YOU desire. It is simply a framework for some really cool work that can be done.

How can we increase peace in our lives to get through hard times?

How can we have patience while working with a difficult child or in a stressful work situation?

How can we use self-control when it comes to our substance use, food intake, or anything else that we might do in excess?

How do we need to be shown love in romantic relationships and friendships?

How can we be kind to our bodies when we may not like what we see in the mirror?

You get to decide what you need and then TOGETHER we tackle it side-by-side.

By using this creative lens we are able to have some structured coaching sessions around one of the core principles each week and you will be provided with articles, videos, and/or homework for the week as determined by what you desire to get from the program and to provide further insight or clarity. The following week we will spend time reviewing how that week of focus on that particular fruit went and move to the next one. This coaching booster course is designed to be challenging, thought-provoking and most importantly relevant to YOUR wellness.

I am affirming and accepting of all lifestyles, religions, ethnicities, capabilities, and sexual orientations. My goal is to make therapy a safe space for ALL, and I truly believe that YOU are the expert on your life and I simply want to get to know you better so we can increase your wellness.

This specific coaching service is available to you in the form of a package. Please contact me about pricing options.

Juicy, luscious-looking fruits ready to eat in a mason jar.

The last thing to grow on a fruit tree is the fruit.

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