Simple Things You Can Do On Your Phone That Can Help With Your Mental Health

self care technology Jul 12, 2023

Hey Friends, 

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when scrolling on the phone? Or perhaps you feel bad afterward for having wasted a good chunk of time for nothing.

Even if you tell yourself that you sometimes “need” that time of scrolling to switch off, chances are you could do something else with that time that’s even better for your mental health. For example:

1. Turn off all notifications to reduce distractions: 🔕 Say "sayonara" to those pesky pings and pop-ups! By turning off non-essential notifications, you'll minimize distractions, making it easier to stay present and focused. Remember that these notifications were designed to distract you. Why should you let them voluntarily?🧘‍♀️

2. Play a game that requires thinking or improves memory (Lumosity, Sudoku, etc.): 🧩 Flex those brain muscles with some stimulating games! They're not only fun, but they can also sharpen your cognitive skills and give your memory a boost. You could even spend more time on that app that helps you learn a new language that you have been neglecting. 😉 Your brain is a muscle that needs to be stretched consistently, so find ways to do that daily! 🏆

3. Delete apps that require you to consume short-form video content (helps with anxiety and mental clarity): 📵 Declutter your digital space by removing apps that promote endless scrolling and overstimulation. Your mind will thank you for it! An alternative method is to make sure the accounts you do follow on these apps are positive and in alignment with positive mental health. I challenge you to take an inventory and purge your accounts. 🧠

4. Listen to an educational podcast: 🎧 If you need to be distracted, at least do it the right way! Tune in to an engaging podcast on a topic that interests you. Not only will you learn something new, but it's also a great way to unwind and relax. There are also useful Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube accounts that do mental health manifestations and affirmations that you can listen to (work smarter not harder). Have you ever thought about using those?

5. Reach out to people who you feel you'd want to have a closer relationship with: 📞 Strengthen your connections by reaching out to friends or acquaintances you'd like to get to know better. Send a thoughtful message reminiscing about a shared memory or experience as an icebreaker. Write a nice card, or letter to someone you care about. 🤗


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