Here’s How Checking-in May Look Like

checking-in communication feelings relationships support trust May 01, 2024

Hey Friends, 

Checking in with your partner is a vital part of maintaining a healthy, connected relationship. It shows that you care and are invested in their well-being. Not sure how to go about it? Fear not! Here are five examples of what checking in with your partner might sound like. 🗣️

1️⃣ "Hey babe, how was your day? Did that meeting go well?" - Asking about their day demonstrates that you're genuinely interested in their daily experiences and challenges. 📅     

2️⃣ "Do you need help with dinner tonight or finishing that project for work?" - Offering assistance not only lightens their load but also shows that you're a team player. 🍽️💼

3️⃣ "You seem a bit down today. How are you feeling?" - Recognizing their emotional state and asking about it can help create a safe space for them to share their feelings. 🧘‍♂️

4️⃣ "What do you think about planning a trip this summer? Any places you'd like to visit?" - Discussing future plans together encourages open communication and builds excitement for shared experiences. 🌍✈️


5️⃣ "I've noticed you've been feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks you've been handling lately. Is there something specific that's bothering you, and how can I support you in finding a solution or easing the stress?" - Being attentive to their struggles and offering a helping hand can make them feel understood and less burdened. 🤗🌟

Remember, checking in with your partner is all about showing love, care, and a genuine interest in their life. Give it a try and see how it can strengthen your bond! 💞


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