Green Flags in a Relationship

green flags love relationships support Jul 26, 2023

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Let's dive into 5 green flags in a relationship that indicate things are on the right track:

  1. They remember the small details that you care about 📝: You know you've got someone special when they remember the little things that matter to you, like your favorite ice cream flavor 🍦 or a random story you shared. It's a sign they're truly paying attention and care about your happiness. 
  2. They try to validate your feelings even when they don't fully understand them 🤗: Emotional support is a key ingredient in any strong relationship. If your new partner validates your feelings and listens to you, even when they don't completely "get it," it's a beautiful green flag that they're empathetic and understanding. 
  3. They have their likes and dislikes and can say "no" clearly 🚫: A partner who knows their boundaries and can express them clearly is a treasure. It shows they're self-aware, confident, and value healthy communication in a relationship. 👏🏽
  4. They have goals in life that they're working towards 🎯: A partner with a sense of purpose and ambition can be incredibly inspiring! If they have goals they're working towards, it demonstrates their drive, commitment, and a desire for growth. + they have something else going on and are not looking for a relationship to make their life whole 💪🏽
  5. They're interested in you and your life 🌟: Genuine curiosity about your experiences, interests, and dreams is a sign that they're truly invested in getting to know you. When someone is eager to learn more about you, it shows they value your individuality and want to grow closer to you. 💕 

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