6 Truths That Have Helped Me Through Hard Times

hard times living mindfully mental health mindset self-care Mar 14, 2024

Hey Friends, 

Sometimes, all we need to overcome life's obstacles is the right mental framework 🧠🔧.

Here are six nuggets of wisdom that have helped me through tough times:

  1. Life becomes easier when you choose to face certain types of discomfort or adversity (like going for a run or taking a cold shower) voluntarily 🏃‍♂️❄️. Embracing this voluntary discomfort can make it easier to bear the adversity you didn't choose.
  2. You can't truly know yourself just by thinking about it 🤔💭. Put yourself in different situations, particularly those that challenge you mentally, to see how you react and learn more about your strengths and weaknesses.                       
  3. You are not static—you're a work in progress, constantly evolving, especially when you start living mindfully 🐛🦋. Remember, it's never too late to make a change or learn something new.
  4. Some things are simply out of your control 🎲😮. Focus on what you can influence: your reactions, attitudes, and actions.              
  5. Rejection is a part of life 💔🌱. Channel the pain into productive endeavors, and eventually, you'll find that the pain has either vanished or significantly diminished.
  6. Sometimes, the most productive thing you can do is...nothing 🛋️😴. Trust me, this was a tough pill to swallow, but it's true—rest and self-care are essential!

What have you learned that has changed your life?


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