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12 Week Happiness Workbook

A beautiful 91 page fillable PDF workbook! 

Inside The Workbook:

  • Measure Your Happiness: use tools to get a happiness score
  • Use Your Strengths: identify core strengths and plan to use them
  • Gratitude: ideas for practicing gratitude
  • Give to Others: ways in which giving to others helps boost happiness
  • Connect With Others: how social connection boosts happiness
  • Be Active: how exercise can make you happier
  • Be Present: how meditation and mindfulness can help happiness
  • Learn New Skills: learn something new to boost happiness
  • Sleep: the importance of sleep for happiness
  • Nutrition: how diet affects happiness levels
  • Spend Time in Nature: ideas of how to spend more time engaging with nature
  • Review and Reflect: assess and review happiness levels


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